Queen of Hearts Raffle

For this raffle, our private Members’ Club will be OPEN TO ALL VETERANS AND

SUPPORTERS OF VETERANS. This raffle is sanctioned by a permit from the Kane


The drawing is held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm. Holidays pending.

New boards start out at 20% of the previous board’s advertised jackpot.

Raffle tickets can be purchased from the bartender in advance, but MUST


Monies from ticket sales are split three ways:

1/3 to the winner

1/3 to the Jackpot

1/3 to the VFW

When the winning ticket is drawn, if the winner is present, he/she will

receive 1/3 of the ticket sales money and chooses a numbered card from

the board. If the Queen of Hearts is flipped, the winner will receive 80% of

the advertised jackpot. The remaining 20% goes to the new jackpot.

If the winner is not there at the drawing, they receive half of what their

winnings would have been (1/6 of ticket sales and 40% of the jackpot if it’s

a winner.) The remaining monies go to the VFW.

No proxies for winners not present.

If a winner flips a JOKER, they will receive $100 in addition to their ticket

winnings. If not present, they receive $50.

Ticket sales for the following week begin the Friday after the drawing.

Good luck and enjoy the hospitality of your VFW!

FIRST DRAWING 12/5/2013.

Tickets go on sale the Friday prior (11/29/2013)

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